Loan Office: Federal Perkins & Institutional Loans

SFS Loans

The Loan Office is responsible for the Financial Administration of the Federal Perkins and Institutional Loan programs; including securing the promissory note, managing the required entrance counseling and exit interview. Our office also assists with loan repayment, debt management, deferments, cancellations and special billing arrangements.

The Loan Office utilizes Heartland ECSI (Education Computer Systems, Inc.) as our loan servicer, to manage these loans after disbursement, and to ensure compliance with Federal Regulations, University policy and donor intent.

Truth in Lending Act (TILA)

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEAO) [PL 110-35] added section 128(e)(3) to TILA which requires that before a private educational lender can consummate a private education loan for a student in attendance at an institution of higher education the private education lender must obtain the completed, and signed, U.S. Department of Education Self-Certification Form from the applicant. The Federal Reserve Board's Final Regulation [12CFR226.48(e)] published on August 14, 2009 incorporates this new requirement.

The Institutional Loan programs aforementioned are covered by the changes made to TILA. In addition to the self-certification form, a series of disclosures at specific points in the loan process (application, approval, and final stage) are required. These requirements will need to be completed online.

Contact the Loan Office


The Loan Office can be reached by sending an email to Please include the university issued Student ID or the last 4 digits of the borrower's social security number.


To contact the Loan Office by phone please call 310-338-4473 or 310-338-7517.

Secure Upload

Documents may be submitted to the Loan Office using the Secure Upload tool. Be sure to include the university issued Student ID or last 4 digits of the borrower's social security number.