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Accounts Payable Forms

ACH/Wire Transfer Request

Use this form to request ACH or wire transfer payments.

AP Employee Reimbursement Setup Form

This form is used to setup employees who request reimbursement through Accounts Payable (AP) within the AP payment system. If an employee receives this exception note in Concur "Supplier ID does not exist for this employee", the employee will need to complete this form and submit to Accounts Payable. Once Accounts Payable has set the employee up within Oracle, the employee will then be able to submit an expense report.

Awards and Prizes Informational Form

This is an informational form to be completed and attached as support within Concur if any awards/prizes/gifts are being provided to individuals. This form assists Accounts Payable to track and to determine taxability of an award, prize, or gift.

California Form 590

California Form 590 is a Withholding Exemption Certificate. (This form can only be used to certify exemption from nonresident withholding under California R&TC Section 18662. Do not use this form for exemption from wage withholding.)

IRS Form W-9

IRS Form W-9 is a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification.

Missing Receipt Affidavit

Use this form to certify that the amounts from missing receipts were properly expended in connection with job responsibilities at Loyola Marymount University.

Non-Employee Mileage Reimbursement Request - 2019

Non-Employee Mileage Reimbursement Request - 2018

The purpose of this form is for non-employees to request reimbursement for the mileage accrued on a personal vehicle while traveling on university-related business. University employees use the Concur system for mileage reimbursement requests.

P-Card Application

Used to apply for a university purchasing card.

P-Card Cardholder Agreement

This form is used to comply with the terms and conditions of the P-Card agreement and the provisions of the P-Card Policies & Procedures provided.

P-Card Surrender Form

An agreement to surrender the P-Card immediately upon request, upon transfer to another university department or upon termination
of employment.

Travel Expense Report (non employee)

Used for non-employee travel reimbursements only. To obtain reimbursement for business related travel expenses the traveler must complete a Travel Expense Report. All employee travel reimbursements must be completed in Concur.

Travel Request Form

This form is used to request approval for university-related travel and estimate the costs associated with the travel. The Controller's Office recommends the use of this form. Departments may establish more rigorous guidelines for the pre-approval of travel.

Standard Agreement Templates

Artist Agreement

Template for agreements with artist that has been approved by Risk Management. Any significant changes to this templates or use of other agreement templates must be sent to risk management for review and signed by the Chief Financial Officer.

Independent Consulting Agreement

Template for agreements with independent contractors that has been approved by Risk Management. Any significant changes to this templates or use of other agreement templates must be sent to risk management for review and signed by the Chief Financial Officer.

Independent Consulting Agreement Business Process

The business process to follow when routing independent consulting agreements for approval.

Independent Consulting Agreement Routing Form

Routing approval for independent consulting agreement.

Independent Contractor Checklist

This checklist is used to determine the employment status of an independent contractor.

Purchase Order

Purchase Order is required when engaging with a vendor for the supply of goods and/or services. A Purchase Order is an official document of the University and acts as the authority to commit to the purchase of goods and/or services and the funds to cover the associated costs of the purchase. The authorization of a Purchase Order represents the approval to expand University funds and enter into a formal agreement with a vendor.

Speaker Agreement

Template for agreements with guest speakers that has been approved by risk management. Any significant changes to this templates or use of other agreement templates must be sent to risk management for review and signed by the Chief Financial Officer.

General Accounting Forms

New GL Account Form

Use this form to request a new GL account or add a new object code to an existing GL account.

Reclassification Form / Reclassification Form Instructions

This form is a request for reclassification/corrections to departmental accounts, inter-departmental transfers to request the transfer of funds to other organizations/projects with no specific associated costs that cannot be processed as a BCR and fiscal year end accruals/deferral entries. Please complete the form in full and email the excel version to

Budget Forms

Budget Change Request (BCR)

This form is to request a budget change (BCR).

Other Forms

Cashier Deposit Form

This form is required for all deposits to the University Cashier. If the form is not completed in its entirety, it will be returned. If you are returning funds to the University because you are returning a cash advance or inadvertently charged a personal expense on your P-card, the account number on the deposit form should be 11-2-00000-81040-1233. Please be descriptive on what the funds relate to, including the expense report name and date and the transaction date. Also include a copy of the cashier deposit form to the expense report.

Replenish Petty Cash Form

This form is used to replenish pre-approved petty cash funds. The form must be signed by the custodian of the petty cash fund and submitted to Accounts Payable along with applicable receipts/supporting documents. The list of petty cash custodians is maintained at the Controller's office. Please contact the Controller's office to update custodian names, if applicable.

Student Accounts Requisition Form

The purpose of this form is to request payment to a student's account from departmental funds. Please be aware, this may impact the student's financial aid.

Vehicle Request Form

The Vehicle Request Form (VRF) is a worksheet for the analysis of new vehicle assets the university is seeking to acquire. This exercise assists in determining the type of service this vehicle will need to perform for the end-using LMU entity as well as the support needs of the vehicle.