Student Health Insurance

Student Health Services provides routine medical treatment and assistance for students who are ill or injured. When a specialist is needed, SHS will make a referral.

It is mandatory that all enrolled students with 7 units or more purchase accident insurance. The accident insurance is secondary to any other insurance the student may carry. It will reimburse deductibles and co-pays.

The university's health insurance is on a hard waiver basis--students may waive the insurance if they have other health insurance either through their parents or in some other way. The current student health insurance company is Aetna.

Student Athletes

Student Athletes are covered under the same mandatory accident insurance as other students. Athletes may waive the Aetna insurance if they have other coverage.

Any student athlete that has questions or concerns about their coverage should speak to Keith Ellison in the Athletics Department or contact Doug Moore in the Risk Management Department.

Catastrophic Injury Insurance

All LMU students who participate in Club Sports are covered by a "catastrophic injury" policy. Catastrophic injury refers to significant injuries, such as spine or head injuries, which are either long-lasting or permanent. The insurance sits in excess of any other insurance the student is carrying. The coverage is as follows:

Lifetime $5 Million medical, dental and rehabilitation limits.

$10,000 accidental death or dismemberment.

The insurance covers a Club Sports participant during play, practice, or travel to a competition

Insurance & Liability Issues


Liability refers to personal injury to non-LMU people (third-parties) caused by club members, or to third-party property damage. Clubs and associations will be indemnified by the university for certain allegations of liability, but not all. The university and our insurance company reserve the right to revoke indemnification to clubs and associations for egregious behavior or criminal acts.

General Liability Insurance

Some clubs and associations are national in scope and the national organization provides general liability insurance. This insurance should be used whenever it is available. The university provides general liability insurance to clubs and associations that do not otherwise have it through their national organization, and will be secondary to any other insurance. On occasion a venue will ask a club or association for a Certificates of Insurance. These can be obtained through Nancy Dallum in the Risk Management Department, 310.338.1829,

Property Damage Insurance

If, after an investigation by Public Safety or some other entity (law enforcement, for instance) it is shown that a club or association has accidentally caused property damage to a third-party, the club will be responsible for up to $500.00 in damages. Any amount above that will be self-insured by the university.

The university will not insure property belonging to the club members or to the club itself.

Any property damage that is deliberately caused by a club or association will be the sole responsibility of the club and the university assumes no financial responsibility for this kind of action.

Automobile Insurance

The university does not insure any vehicles owned or operated by club members. Each club member must carry whatever auto insurance is required by California State Law.