Field Trip Guidelines

IMPORTANT: Risk Management should be consulted regarding all class field trips.

Classes often taken field trips around Los Angeles and beyond, to such places as businesses, museums, historical sites, faculty homes, and other landmarks. For the most part, because these field trips meet course objectives, there are no hold harmless releases required.

However, sometimes a field trip will involve risk, either through the means of travel, or the location. In these instances, Risk Management may ask that students sign an Authorized Consent/Hold Harmless. Such a document will advise the students of what the risks are, and will also release the university from liability should an injury occur.

Field Trips involve different kinds of transportation. Sometimes the university will hire a bus, sometimes students will be responsible for their own transportation. Students will share rides, take Uber or Lyft, ride public transportation, etc. Each mode of transportation has its own risk, and should be discussed with Risk Management.

Mandatory field trips are treated differently than voluntary field trips. The differences should be discussed with Risk Management.

Prior to traveling, it is important to check in with the website and confirm that there are no warnings or advisories for your planned destination.