Frequently Asked Questions

  • The following types of programs are covered under the policy:

    • Athletic Camps run by LMU
    • Athletic Camps run by third-parties
    • Summer Camps
    • Academic Programs
    • Service Projects
    • Specialty Camps
    • Community Outreach Programs
  • No. The policy does not apply to:

    • Minors enrolled as LMU students
    • Minors on field trips from other schools or entities assuming they are chaperoned by their teachers or other personnel
    • LMU Child Care Center, which is subject to Federal and State regulations
    • Events open to the general public
    • Routine use of the university libraries
  • Yes. All programs and camps involving minors need to be registered at least 30-days in advance with Risk Management. The registration form can be found here.

  • No. Any length camp, one day or more, is covered under the policy.

  • Any adult (18 and over) who supervise minors participating in camps or programs.  This includes, but is not limited to faculty, staff, volunteers, students, interns, employees of third-party run camps, interns, employees of temporary agencies, independent contractors and on-campus vendors.

  • Yes. All personnel who run camps, or oversee the activities of minors during the camps, must receive a background check.

  • Please visit our Obtain a Background Check page to begin the process of obtaining a background check for an Authorized Adult. Human Resources will absorb the cost of the background checks.

  • Yes. Background checks conducted for other entities are not valid at LMU and you must get another one.

  • Only if they are going to have unsupervised access to minors.

  • Yes. Every two years a background check must be repeated.

  • Human Resources will absorb the cost of the background checks.

  • All Authorized Adults need to take a training program on the child abuse and reporting act (CANRA). 

  • For training, please contact:

    Sara Trivedi
    Title IX Coordinator and EEO Officer
    Human Resources
    University Hall 1900

    Phone: 310.568.6105

  • Doug Moore, University Risk Manager:; 310.338.3071.