Payment Schedules & Deadlines

Accounts Payable issues payment ever Wednesday. Concur payment requests must be in the Accounts Payable queue (Status should be AP Review) by 4:00pm PST Wednesday for the payment to be issued the following Wednesday.

DayAP Review Status in Concur by 4:00 PM PSTDayPayment DateComments
Wednesday 5-Jun-19 Wednesday 12-Jun-19  
Wednesday 12-Jun-19 Wednesday 19-Jun-19  
Wednesday 19-Jun-19 Wednesday 26-Jun-19  
Wednesday 26-Jun-19 Wednesday 3-Jul-19  
Wednesday 3-Jul-19 Thursday 11-Jul-19 Independence Day
Wednesday 10-Jul-19 Wednesday 17-Jul-19  
Wednesday 17-Jul-19 Wednesday 24-Jul-19  
Wednesday 24-Jul-19 Wednesday 31-Jul-19  
Wednesday 31-Jul-19 Wednesday 7-Aug-19  
Wednesday 7-Aug-19 Wednesday 14-Aug-19  
Wednesday 14-Aug-19 Wednesday 21-Aug-19  
Wednesday 21-Aug-19 Wednesday 28-Aug-19  
Wednesday 28-Aug-19 Thursday 5-Sep-19 Labor Day
Wednesday 4-Sep-19 Wednesday 11-Sep-19  
Wednesday 11-Sep-19 Wednesday 18-Sep-19  
Wednesday 18-Sep-19 Wednesday 25-Sep-19  
Wednesday 25-Sep-19 Wednesday 2-Oct-19  
Wednesday 2-Oct-19 Wednesday 9-Oct-19  
Wednesday 9-Oct-19 Wednesday 16-Oct-19  
Wednesday 16-Oct-19 Wednesday 23-Oct-19  
Wednesday 23-Oct-19 Wednesday 30-Oct-19  
Wednesday 30-Oct-19 Wednesday 6-Nov-19  
Wednesday 6-Nov-19 Wednesday 13-Nov-19  
Wednesday 13-Nov-19 Wednesday 20-Nov-19  
Wednesday 20-Nov-19 Wednesday 27-Nov-19  
Wednesday 27-Nov-19 Thursday 5-Dec-19 Thanksgiving
Wednesday 4-Dec-19 Wednesday 11-Dec-19  
Wednesday 11-Dec-19 Wednesday 18-Dec-19  
Friday 20-Dec-19 Wednesday 8-Jan-20 Christmas Break
Wednesday 8-Jan-20 Wednesday 15-Jan-20  
Wednesday 15-Jan-20 Thursday 23-Jan-20 MLK Day
Wednesday 22-Jan-20 Wednesday 29-Jan-20  
Wednesday 29-Jan-20 Wednesday 5-Feb-20  
Wednesday 5-Feb-20 Wednesday 12-Feb-20  
Wednesday 12-Feb-20 Wednesday 19-Feb-20  
Wednesday 19-Feb-20 Wednesday 26-Feb-20  
Wednesday 26-Feb-20 Wednesday 4-Mar-20  
Wednesday 4-Mar-20 Wednesday 11-Mar-20  
Wednesday 11-Mar-20 Wednesday 18-Mar-20  
Wednesday 18-Mar-20 Wednesday 25-Mar-20  
Wednesday 25-Mar-20 Wednesday 1-Apr-20  
Wednesday 1-Apr-20 Wednesday 8-Apr-20  
Wednesday 8-Apr-20 Thursday 16-Apr-20 Cesar Chavez Day/Good Friday
Wednesday 15-Apr-20 Wednesday 22-Apr-20  
Wednesday 22-Apr-20 Wednesday 29-Apr-20  
Wednesday 29-Apr-20 Wednesday 6-May-20  
Wednesday 6-May-20 Wednesday 13-May-20  
Wednesday 13-May-20 Wednesday 20-May-20  
Wednesday 20-May-20 Thursday 28-May-20 Memorial Day
Wednesday 27-May-20 Wednesday 3-Jun-20