Refund credits are applied to the student's account. Refunding of credit balances will be made in accordance with federal guidelines. Refunding of credit balances are subject to a holding period until verification that funds received have cleared the university's bank. Refund payments are issued in the name of the student unless written authorization is received to the contrary.

Information regarding the refund policy and refund percentage periods are detailed below.

Refund Policy

Refunds for tuition, fees, and/or housing are made only after a complete (dropping all courses) withdrawal or leave of absence from the University has been processed by the Registrar and, in the case of a resident student, also by the Housing Office. For resident students, the official withdrawal dates from the Registrar are the dates used to determine Housing refunds. Meal Plans are non-refundable. A student should complete the Withdrawal/Leave of Absence form in the Office of the Registrar and, if a resident student, notify the Housing Office.

The University strives to meet the expectations of its students and tries to act compassionately in times of crisis which may interrupt a student's semester studies in a manner that she/he could or should not finish the semester. In an attempt to ease the cost of tuition, the refund policy is in place to allow for a sliding refund for those who withdraw from all courses in a given semester according to the refund percentage period schedule. This policy applies to, but is not limited to, the following leave or withdrawal reasons: hospitalization, illness, moving out of the area, employment changes/relocation, and family related emergencies.

No refund/cancellation may be given for registered courses which a student did not attend and did not drop within the full 100% refund period. Refunds are not granted for undergraduates who drop a portion of their program after the 100% add/drop period. Fees are only refundable during the 100% refund period and only if a student is withdrawing from all courses. Consult the refund/cancellation schedule for the academic category corresponding to your enrollment status. Fees are non-refundable after the 100% withdrawal refund period.

If you have a credit on your student account and are otherwise eligible to receive a refund. To request a refund, please send an email using your LMU email account to Please make sure to provide your complete name and student identification number.

If you have a credit on your student account as a result of financial aid, you may use all or part of that credit to purchase Flexi dollars by sending an email to

**The University's refund policy complies with the Higher Education Amendments Act.

Refund Percentage Periods

Students who have paid tuition by the semester hour are eligible for tuition only refunds per semester hour, based on the published sliding scale. Full refunds for all other students are contingent upon withdrawal from classes or from the university.

Students withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from the university during a percentage period may also have any financial aid they received for that particular semester adjusted in accordance with Federal guidelines. For information regarding adjustments to financial aid, please see the Financial Aid Office Leave of Absence & Withdrawal Policy.

The refund percentage periods are listed below by semester and type.

eRefunds Tutorial

With eRefunds, refunds are deposited directly to a bank account designated by the student. eRefunds is a secure and convenient way to receive your refund. eRefunds is the preferred method of The Office of Student Financial Services for refunding students, and we strongly recommends setting up an eRefund account.

To set up your eRefunds profile, you must log in to the Student Account Center. This is a secure system which you may access 24/7 to change, update, or delete your banking information. Instructions on how to setup an eRefund account are available in the eRefunds Tutorial [PDF].

Request a Refund

To request a refund, use the QR Code provided below to complete the Student Accounts Refund Request form.

QR Code for Student Accounts Refund Request form


If you prefer, you may send an email using your university email account to Please make sure to provide your complete name and student identification number. Refunds may also be requested via phone or in person in our office.